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What We Do

HTA provides information technology and regulatory expertise to organizations needing support and resources to identify and address Health IT needs. HTA is available to provide consultation, education and technical assistance in the assessment and management of overall Health IT risks and responsibilities for healthcare organizations.

  • HIPAA privacy and security requirements
  • Identification of low-cost software solutions
  • Facilitating partner relationships
  • Strategic planning to build and sustain organizational capacity for health IT
  • Health IT Workforce development

Our Vision

Turn the many policies and advocacy initiatives into hands-on technical and infrastructure support.  Simply put: Drive security and technology implementation efforts that result in cost, operations, and resource efficiency.

Working with partner organizations and individuals, HTA will fill the unmet need for simple, cost-effective solutions designed and developed for small and medium-sized organizations and the support to make implementation successful.
We bring together :
  • Technology security and infrastructure solution providers partner organizations
  • Small and medium-sized healthcare organizations in underserved areas or those supporting safety net communities
  • Students of  all types and women with an interest in health information technology


Our Mission

Managing complex health needs in vulnerable populations is a costly and labor-intensive endeavor for patients, clinicians, and health systems. HTA assists organizations with identifying viable IT Security, Application and Infrastructure solutions that will not impede workflow, increase cost, or create burdens on the care delivery system. HTA partners with technology companies and educational institutions to assist healthcare service providers with access, education, implementation, and training on adoption and optimization of technology tools that are easy to use, affordable and scalable.  Our focus is on implementation so organizations see results.

HTA and its partners work together to fulfill this mission through health IT education and training, workforce development, security and privacy certifications, access to innovations in health IT, implementation and optimization support, and ongoing coaching.  We work with educational institutions to provide minorities and women who are under-represented in technology careers the opportunity to gain the initial experience required.  We also provide organizations that do not have the required technical skills set or resources in-house with the access and support to be successful in implementing and utilizing the IT security, applications and infrastructure required to be effective in delivering healthcare in today’s world.  HTA and its partners are committed to providing outreach and access to all people irrespective of their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or geographical location. Our goal is to fill the technology void between what large and/or well-off healthcare organizations have and what small and medium-sized healthcare organizations serving underserved populations need.

How We Support Our Constituency

HTA provides technology support directly through our staff, partners, and members. Through this support network, HTA provides:

  • Health IT Workforce Development Education and Training
  • Information Technology Improvement: Our staff’s years of experience and combined expertise can guide your organization in IT decisions, processes, and methodology. Implementing the latest health IT can make a difference in patient care when it is available and used correctly.
  • HIPAA Certification: As technology becomes more prevalent, security risks are increasing. Yet most organizations have not implemented and maintained a strong security program. HTA walks all participating organizations through a HIPAA security and privacy certification program so you know your organization is compliant, auditable, and secure.

Our Strategy

Identify corporate sponsors to support both the educational and clinical aspects of the mission

  • Partnering to enhance HTA’s mission and scope
  • Funding for student training and internships
  • Providing software and hardware to organizations with acute needs
  • Providing internships and employment to individuals participating in the program
  • Assisting in promoting the goals and objectives of HTA

Develop partnerships with colleges and universities with Health IT, Nursing, Health Informatics, Health Administration and Cybersecurity programs

  • Develop training programs that include intern opportunities
  • Provide software for educational and training use
  • Provide educational grants

Identify Community Health Centers and Rural and Urban providers that could benefit from information technology resources including:

  • Electronic health record implementation support
  • HIPAA and cybersecurity tools and personnel
  • IT operations and application support

We work with partners and collaborate with organizations including

  • Federal, State, and Local Workforce Development Programs
  • Large Healthcare Organization Foundations
  • Large IT Software, Consulting and Service Organizations looking to increase minority employment or support their communities
  • CHCs, PCAs and Other Groups Supporting the Safety Net
  • Colleges and Universities
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